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Select the drive or path that you want to retrieve your files.


Click Run button and wait AHYrescue processing.


Finish! Now you get back your files.

About Our Products

AHYrescue box
AHYrescue is a software to retrieve back the loss files caused by some virus.

AHYrescue is not an anti virus. So, it will not solve your infected computer (at least so far). Please use anti virus to remove your computer from the virus.

If your pendrive is infected by the virus from other computer, please don't click the shortcut! Use AHYrescue first so that your computer will not be affected by that virus.


Download the software for free, use it as you like. Then why not leave your precious review, comment, and suggestion to us. Thanks you!

Azhar Haji Yusoff

AHYrescue is a free to download and malware free software. If you think it is useful, lets share it and give it some good reviews!

Azhar Jusoh