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Download AHYrescue Software for FREE. Retrieve back your 'loss' files caused by some virus.

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* Special thanks to Bro Mujahid for his help in solve some problem why building this software.

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User Guide

Download AHYrescue

First, download AHYrescue software from the link above. And, save it to anywhere you like. It is portable.

Run AHYrescue Software

Double click AHYrescue software to run it. Administrator is not needed. If it is fail, then you may try to run as administrator.

Select the Path

Click the browse button to select the drive or directory. You can also type the full path if you like.

AHYrescue select path

Run AHYrescue Process

Click the run button to start AHYrescue process. Time taken to finish processing is depend on the total files found. Normally, it just around 1-2 minutes only.


After AHYrescue finish processing, then you are done. You can click details button to view the reports or log generated by AHYrescue. This report show all the task done by AHYrescue. Now, you got your file back!

AHYrescue finish